3 Simple Ways To Change Your Money Beliefs For A Wealthy Life

Most people love to spend & shop, but when it comes to making money  – especially managing money – it can suddenly go from being a pleasure to a source of anxiety (or a head-scratching activity).

Because of this, we wrote an E-book sharing our 3 Simple Ways To Change Your Money Beliefs For A Wealthy Life. These simple steps have been created to help you get ahead and stay ahead of your peers by teaching you:

  • How to identify common money belief/s that limits your success.
  • Practical ways to substitute limiting belief/s with liberating ones that will boost your bank balance.
  • A 5-Step Action Plan that allows you to instantly apply these steps and reap financial benefits immediately.
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What Can You Achieve with New Money Beliefs?

Err, quite obviously MORE WEALTH!

We’re dead serious about this.

Our graduates who applied these 3 simple steps have doubled their income whilst some have quadruppled theirs. More importantly, you can achieve this in the comfort of your own home by just simply tweaking the way you think. In this E-book, we’ll also share with you:

  • How your beliefs are the map for your financial reality.
  • How successful people measure their financial health.
  • The money beliefs of financially successful people, so that you too, can easily follow their footsteps.

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Here's what you'll discover...

This complete financial home study program covers 3 simple, yet PROVEN methods to help you grow your wealth.

Financial Health Check

Find out whether you’re on the right track and in control of your finances.

Money Management

Increase your chances of success by incorporating other proven ways to manage and grow your wealth.

Mind Mastery

Identify the underlying belief system that governs your own financial results.


BONUS: You’ll receive a MoneyTracker delivered to your doorstep.

In order to increase your wealth you’ll need to track it too! Discover where your money goes with the MoneyTracker.

About the Author, Penny Choong

Penny is a finance-focused change manager and trainer with more than 14 years of experience conducting money workshops and innovating practical methods for financial freedom. She introduced the popular brand, MoneyPenny (MP) that empowers youths and adults with financial literacy and financial planning proficiency through an insightful and highly unique approach to money.

However, Penny’s success as an entrepreneur was not built on her family’s financial resources. Although she was born into a comfortable lifestyle, a series of devastating events threw everything into disarray. She then found herself in a deep financial hole, followed by many (desperate) attempts to claw her way back out just to survive.

Equipped with sheer determination and a contrarian mindset, Penny not only made it out of the hole but managed to set up a good source of passive income that allowed her to retire from corporate life. Her experience led Penny to want to help others learn to manage their money so that they too could experience financial independence.

This E-book documents one of the many techniques Penny uses in her personal life as well as her business.

Check out what other people are saying about the E-book...

Elisha Hong

There are no words better than how the Chinese proverb mentioned in the book where it’s never too late to start, be it in financial or anything else in life. This book is not just about the beliefs of money or finances but also a great reminder on how to live a life free of mental blocks. You can choose to be who you want to be and make it happen with the right resources.

Effie Lim

I took a loan from my mom for my first property’s down payment. And this is what my mom told me….”Even if you worked an entire lifetime, you wouldn’t be able to save this much on your own”. This remark was a stigma to my belief system for many years. I thought I could never earn enough to buy my own property.

As I continue reading the book, I find that the section about “positive money habits” shifted my perspective on money. As I read and apply these easy to understand techniques, I find that it is true that my beliefs, thoughts, and habits directly affect my journey to financial independence. I find that it’s also true for people around me. As I thought about my mom, I could not help but wonder if it’s actually her belief system that enabled her to amass such wealth. After all, she’s just a housewife with no active income.

I must say this book provided me with answers on how to easily identify the right money habits and practical ways to consistently apply positive money beliefs which, have helped me improve my finances. I’m proud to say I’m seeing results and will be achieving my financial freedom soon.

Mindy Chin

Penny is an amazing person who is ever so abundant when it comes to sharing her knowledge and experience. Her latest Financial Therapy book, which also comes with a worksheet, shows readers how to be in control of their finances and their future. You learn how to build a healthy relationship with money simply by creating a positive financial belief system.

“Financial Therapy You Can Do Yourself” aptly describes the book for me, as it is a handy guide to the things I learnt from the PennyWise program. Meanwhile, the worksheet helps put existing financial beliefs into perspective. Answer the questions truthfully, get your “A-ha!” moment, reframe your beliefs into positive ones, and come up with action plans to be empowered financially.

Most people list their money situation as a significant part of their emotional stress. In fact, they are only partially right. Evidence shows that they would also need to deal with both mental and physical stress. This E-book (Create A New Money Belief, Create A New Life) might be the possible solution, by simply helping you alter the way you view about money.

Are you one of those who have already achieved peak performance? If you’re looking for your next financial breakthrough, you’ll need an entirely different set of financial beliefs. This might be your solution!

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