Having Fun on a Tight Budget

If you have a budget that your family is struggling with, you probably need to find a way to inject some fun into your life. ‘Fun’ and ‘Budget’ aren’t two words that go together. Don’t believe me? Try watching a Senate hearing on budget reforms. I almost fell asleep just writing that.

No, you need to find ways to make your budget allow room for fun. Give yourself activities to plan, events to look forward to, and purchases to anticipate. Putting the fun back into your life helps you get through a tight budget.

PennyWise Workshop: A Thank You Note To My Graduates

It’s been a while since I last shared financial hacks. There’re good reasons for this. The last few months saw me and my team busy preparing for the PennyWise Workshop that took place last weekend. It was an intense 3-days for us as we prepare to deliver financial literacy concepts, techniques and strategies to our participants.

Could you be Ruining Your Child with your Finances?

Unfortunately for many, our kids like to watch us. Sometimes, it’s when we least want it, like when we’ve just stubbed our toe and are uttering fancifully adult words. Or maybe when that ref didn’t make the right call and we want to let him know just how we felt about it. Or, as many moms will frequently attest to, even when you’re sitting on the toilet, kids find a way to watch you. And when it comes to money, it’s hardly any different.

If our kids grow up without any purposeful advice on how to manage their money, they default to what they’ve been shown. And sometimes, we don’t always show them the best direction. Are you guilty of any of these practices?