What’s Stopping You From Making Money With Your Passion?

If you’re able to make money from your passion, you’ve pretty much won at life. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to get paid to do something we enjoy, but doing so can be incredibly beneficial for your happiness and well-being.

Obviously, there are obstacles. Otherwise everyone would be doing it, and the world would be devoid of system administrators. But the obstacles can be surmountable, which is why I’m here. Check out this list to see where you might be going wrong.

5 Financial Goals to Aim For in Your 20’s

The 20’s are an incredibly important decade for a life of financial wellbeing. In all likelihood, it’s the first time you’ve been financially independent. The Bank of Mum and Dad has finally dried up, and it’s important you make the right financial decisions to avoid messy situations further down the line.

Forget swimming with dolphins or seeing the pyramids. These are your new targets before you hit 30.

Work – A Passion Or A Chore?

Take a moment and think about the word “work” and notice the images that come to your mind now. Notice also the feelings and any sounds that your mind conjures up in relation to this word “work”.

Quickly grab a pen and a piece of paper and note down whatever that comes to mind immediately. You want to capture this before reading further.