Having Fun on a Tight Budget

If you have a budget that your family is struggling with, you probably need to find a way to inject some fun into your life. ‘Fun’ and ‘Budget’ aren’t two words that go together. Don’t believe me? Try watching a Senate hearing on budget reforms. I almost fell asleep just writing that.

No, you need to find ways to make your budget allow room for fun. Give yourself activities to plan, events to look forward to, and purchases to anticipate. Putting the fun back into your life helps you get through a tight budget.

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It’s almost end of April, and soon, half of 2016 would have gone by. Did you manage to achieve what you’ve desired for 2016 yet? If not, there’s still 8 more months to go!

I’m so happy to receive news from one of my students who have achieved the goals that she’d set last year. Both her husband and herself are now free from student loan debt, AND she’s just concluded a property sale. These were her two biggest financial worries when she first met me. Yesterday, when she announced this awesome news to the PennyWise Alumni, I can sense her relieve. The financial pressure is finally removed, and that’s the meaning of financial freedom for her. She even announced that she’s ready for the next challenge in life.

Anyways, I got sidetracked!

What’s the real reason for today’s post???